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TriStar is a leading distributor        of electronics, controls                     and automation products               headquartered in Houston, TX.


TriStar's versatile range                    of products, competitive prices       and value-added services combined with our excellent customer service yields long-term savings and solutions to customer challenges.


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Featured Electronics

Kemet/Sierra KD

Kemet is a major high temperature/high voltage ceramic capacitor manufacturer, providing capacitors for harsh environments, requiring extreme capabilities; concerning temperature, stability, vibration and high voltage, in a wide variety of packages to support the small spacing provided.


Kemet capacitors come in axial, radial, surface mount and multi-stacked ceramic packages in temperatures ranging from 125°C to 260°C.




Featured Controls

ABB Controls

ABB Controls offer the largest product range in the industry: Industrial Control Products, Motor Control and Protection Devices, Automation Controls & Components, Terminal Blocks, Contactors, Motor Starters, Softstarters, Electronic & Mechanical Relays, Power Supplies, Sensors, Wireless Devices, Timers and Control Relays. These products are designed for NEMA & IEC applications with UL & CSA approvals and CE declarations.




Featured Automation


Pro-face is the authority when it comes to operator interfaces. They set the standards for HMI solutions by offering the industry's most extensive product offerings with the absolute highest level of connectivity and support worldwide. Pro-face offers low cost HMI Data Management solutions giving you everything you need to get data from the factory floor to anywhere throughout your enterprise.

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